do you want to install/update WordPress plugins or themes without providing FTP access?

WordPress only prompt you for FTP connection while trying to install plugins or themes or a WordPress update if it cannot write to /wp-content on its own. But, if your web server has write access to the necessary files, it will handle the updates and installation automatically. This method does not require you to have FTP/SFTP or SSH access, but it does require your to have specific file permissions set up on your web server. After setting proper write permissions to your WordPress you have to add the code below in you

// file permissions needs to be correct otherwise it will throw a error.
define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');

If you don’t know what are the best file permissions for your WordPress to work properly then you should have a look at my previous post on WordPress permission best practise. Click here to go to that post

If you are still facing some issue or have doubts and suggestions about the solution then feel free to comment below.

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