Sometimes, we create silly Gmail ids which look cool during the school or college times. There are times when you want to Delete Gmail Account which you currently have but don’t know how to do it perfectly. When the time comes to use that email id professionally, we all hesitate to give it. Practically, “” or “” doesn’t really seem professional, rather immature. So, at that time, mostly everyone creates a new email id. But what about the old one? Did you delete it before creating a new one?

Well, if you really don’t want to change it, as it linked with all your other accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, etc., you have an option to change just the user id (email address) and can continue using the same. To know more about how to change the email address of the existing id, click here.

Unlike Facebook or Whatsapp, it’s not quite a matter of one click to deactivate or delete your account. Gmail can’t let you go so easily. But ultimately, it’s your decision, and Google has to respect it.

Check out the below steps to delete Gmail account which you don’t want anymore

  • Go to settings at the top right corner: On your display image.

  • As you click there, a drop down opens, click on ‘My Account’.

  • This will take you to the google account page.
  • Choose ‘Delete your account or services’ under ‘Account Preferences Tab’.

  • There you will see two options.
  • If you are willing to delete just your email account and desire to use all other services linked to it, choose the 1st option: Delete Products.

  • If you want to delete your entire Google account such as history, Google Docs, AdWords, AdSense or other Google services, you can choose the second option: Delete Google Account and Data.

  • Select your desirable Gmail account you want to delete.
  • Doing so, Google will ask you the password linked to your account.

  • Enter your password and click ‘Next’.

  • If you want to delete the account including your data, present in it, click on the trash icon on the bottom right corner.

  • Before deleting your account, it is preferable to download the files, if you need them.

  • You can use your ‘Archives’ folder. In case you don’t have, you can create by clicking on ‘Manage archives’.

  • Next step is to choose the selected files and folder to want a copy of and click ‘Next’.

  • After your Archive folder is created, you need to choose the desired delivery method for your files.

  • Again go to ‘Manage archive’ and download your data.

  • Click on ‘Done’.

delete gmail account

  • After this step, Google will automatically redirect you to Privacy Settings page.
  • Repeat the steps till the bold point to delete your account.
  • If you choose the second option: Delete Google Account and Data, Google will show you all the activities involved with it.

delete gmail account

  • Check both the options and click ‘Delete Gmail Account’.

delete gmail account

Google gives you the last chance to recover your account if deleted by mistake.

delete gmail account

So, if you want to recover it, you can go to the ‘Account Support’ link, provided on the same page. If you close that page, you can no longer access to your Gmail account anymore.

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